Plastic surgery provides you with a way to correct cosmetic concerns that you’re unhappy with, boosting your emotional well-being. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin understands just how beneficial these procedures can be, no matter what age, profession, or lifestyle. Based on your needs, surgical procedures are performed in either our office, at an accredited surgical suite or at a Raleigh area hospital.


"I don't even feel like myself anymore."
Giving birth and nursing leave many women's bodies far different than what they had known all their lives. Loss of firmness, definition, and lift can have devastating consequences on a woman's confidence in her appearance. Dr. Franklin offers a "mommy makeover" which includes a breast lift and tummy tuck with only one surgical downtime.

"I didn't want to spend the rest of my life looking like this."
Many of our patients lead very active lifestyles and yet no matter what they do, how many crunches or push-ups they endure each day, they can't get back into their former shape. A "mommy makeover" returns your body's shape to you - so you can feel comfortable in any situation.


Losing large amounts of weight is an incredible accomplishment. For some people, the resulting sagging skin can put a damper on their excitement; as loose skin may hang on the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs.

Dr. Franklin has helped patients achieve the look they want for their bodies through arm or thigh lifts or full body lifts. There are many options to discuss in addressing these problem areas and Dr. Franklin spends time with each individual patient to determine how to best meet their appearance goals.

Dr. Franklin is inspired by his patients who have done this very difficult work and is committed to working in partnership with them to achieve the look they want. See our gallery of before and after pictures to help you envision your future free of excess skin.


A very popular solution. Liposuction has been a very common procedure for many years and for scores of patients, because it works by removing the most difficult, stubborn areas of excess fat on the body. Saddlebags, love handles, and thighs that make it a chore to shop for jeans or swimming suits can be fixed with one surgery.

There is no need to settle. Many of our patients have disliked a certain area of their body for years, often decades. It is rewarding for Dr. Franklin to see the joy in patients' faces when they no longer have an obstacle to feeling good about their body and themselves. Please visit our gallery of before and after pictures so you can see how your problem areas can be addressed through liposuction.


You could be just weeks away from the tummy you want. Many patients arrive at a consultation for a tummy tuck after having spent years being unhappy with the appearance of their midriff. The most common thing we hear from patients is, "I should have done it sooner!"

While clothing and swim cover-ups can keep loose, sagging skin hidden, they don't help make you feel confident with your appearance. A tummy tuck can take away the daily self-consciousness you feel and give you the body you want.

An experienced surgeon.
Dr. Franklin has more than 15 years of experience with this procedure and has done hundreds of tummy tuck procedures. You can see the incredible results he has achieved in reducing fat, returning waistlines and providing flat abdomens for his patients, in our gallery.