Solutions for Men

From slimming your waistline and sculpting abs to minimizing wrinkles, creating a stronger jawline or getting rid of jowls, Dr. Franklin is an expert at helping you look fit, rested and more youthful. Franklin Plastic Surgery understands efficiency and discretion is paramount. Beginning with your first consultation, your schedule and goals become our priority.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 1.3 million aesthetic procedures were performed on men in 2017. Our male patients improved the appearance of their face and body, while also improving their confidence.

Skill and Precision.
Dr. Franklin has the experience and expertise to help you achieve the results you want. He will give careful consideration to your body, while hearing your goals to develop a surgical plan that will allow you to feel positively about your whole body. Dr. Franklin’s state-of-the-art technique, experience, and understanding of male anatomy will guide you toward a natural-looking solution. Dr. Franklin specializes in procedures that have no-to-minimal downtime, so you can get back to your routine quickly and safely.

Specializing in Plastic Surgery for Men in Cary, NC, Dr. Joseph Franklin

Surgical Solutions for the Body


Plastic surgery is a great solution when a certain body part causes daily angst. Men who have large breasts, regardless of how much they work out, can be excellent candidates for surgery. Gynecomastia can develop in men as a result of hormone issues, genetics and weight gain. The good news is, there is a surgical solution to help you feel better about your body.

Life changing, permanent results.
Dr. Franklin has performed countless surgeries on men to treat gynecomastia.  Eliminate anxiety and enjoy the body you want, showing off a carefully sculpted, masculine chest.


When a regular practice of crunches and sit-ups still leave you with the spare tire area around your stomach, you may be just the candidate for abdominoplasty. Belly fat accumulation has many sources and can remain regardless of how hard you work.

Sculpted abs within reach.    
Dr. Franklin has given patients renewed confidence with effective, lasting results through abdominoplasty surgery. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance because of a paunch in your mid-section, we invite you to see the before and after photos of patients who have undergone this surgery, so you can see the dramatic results that can be achieved.


Often, we have areas of concern, around the abdomen, love handles and sometimes areas of fat on the arms and legs, that keep us from feeling good about our appearance. Patients attempt weight loss and exercise, and still, these problem areas remain. Liposuction is a proven technique to reshape your body, eliminating fat in unwanted areas.

Surgical Solutions for the Face


A prominent feature.
Our noses are the most prominent feature on our faces, sitting right in the center.  If you are unhappy with how your nose looks, there is no avoiding seeing it every day. It is very challenging for patients who have gone their whole lives disliking their noses.

Great consideration.
Many patients contemplating rhinoplasty have for years, imagined what kind of nose they would like. They may have different versions they would like to discuss. We find patients who are considering rhinoplasty have given the topic a great deal of thought and want a surgeon who will give them the same level of attention.

In-depth consultation.
Rhinoplasty, while very popular, requires excellent surgical technique. Selecting a surgeon who has vast experience and understands the exacting procedure is paramount. Dr. Franklin spends a great deal of time with patients who are considering rhinoplasty. He hears their wishes and dreams and works with them to create a look that makes them happy but also suits their face. This in-depth consultation combined with Dr. Franklin's exceptional post-surgery care has produced outstanding results for our patients.



Puffiness, loose skin, bags under the eyes, tired expression and wrinkles are some of the concerns our patients share with us about their eyes. Eyelid surgery is tremendously popular as the skin around our eyes is very thin and usually the first area of our face to begin to show aging.

Dr. Franklin is very particular about studying your eye shape, your eye movement and how your eyes fit with the rest of the face in order to ensure your eyelid surgery is completely natural looking.

Expertise and Experience.
It is imperative you select a plastic surgeon with vast experience in eyelid surgery - a surgeon who knows how to create the right look that is unique to you, so you look like you when the surgery is complete.



A pronounced difference.
Elevating the brow, the top third of your face, can have dramatic effects on the appearance for your face. Our foreheads are used constantly throughout each day, beginning in our infancy. At a certain point, there is a droop as the skin loses its elasticity. The droop then has profound effects on your eyes. Lines occur between your eyebrows, your eyelids become heavier and may also droop. Many patients say they feel like they look tired or angry, when they are neither. A brow lift can help you look younger and alert.

Dr. Franklin's brow lift procedure can completely change how youthful you look and feel. When you see your face in the mirror, you can see clear, open eyes, a smooth forehead and smooth area between your eyebrows. This procedure requires great expertise, so you will look youthful and natural, and not look as though your expression is frozen.


Non-Surgical Solutions


In less than 30 minutes, erase lines and wrinkles that add years to your appearance. Minimize the lines around your eyes, between your brows and in your forehead for a natural, youthful, and more rested looking appearance.


Get rid of unwanted hair, on any part of your body. Our lasers are some of the strongest on the market, helping you quickly and effectively eliminate the hair you don’t want.


Using a powerful laser, this minimally invasive, non-surgical solution can minimize scars leaving skin looking toned and even.