Reconstructive Surgery

Most of our patients would rather be thinking about something other than reconstructive surgery. We understand, which is why we are committed to standing beside you, as your board certified reconstructive surgeon, your healthcare advocate and part of your support team. While it can seem daunting, we know, from experience, feeling attractive, healthy and like yourself again is closer than it may appear.

With care and compassion, we will help you navigate a surgical solution that not only looks remarkable but also helps you get back to living your life. From our comfortable, state-of-the-art office where you have your first consultation and post-procedure care to surgical privileges at hospitals in Raleigh, Cary, and the Triangle, we are committed to your journey.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Franklin to talk through the best approach to addressing your condition. Dr. Franklin works in tandem with your healthcare providers to ensure all aspects of your care are coordinated and cohesive.


While selecting the right surgeon for any surgery is a crucial decision, it is especially important to emphasize surgical skill for any reconstructive procedure. Dr. Franklin has a deep appreciation for his patients’ desire to return to their former selves and move on with their lives after mastectomy and lumpectomy surgery.

Where form meets function.

Dr. Franklin offers the most current options in reconstructive surgery, allowing you the opportunity to have your breasts reshaped using implants or tissue-based surgery to help you achieve the shape that is perfect for you.

Compassionate care.

Dr. Franklin supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Operation Oligo Cure, and has served as a Board Member of The Pretty in Pink Foundation – an organization dedicated to helping women pay for breast cancer treatment.


Restoring your individual look.

Receiving a skin cancer diagnosis is traumatic, and often, the treatment for skin cancer can lead to disfigurement which adds to the stress. Patients are anxious to put this period of their life behind them and return to their former selves.

A crucial choice.

Surgery to repair cosmetic damage from skin cancer treatment require a highly skilled surgeon with years of experience performing these procedures. Dr. Franklin appreciates his patients’ desire to restore their individual look with the least invasive techniques. Please visit our gallery of before and after pictures to see the remarkable results patients have received in their reconstructive surgeries with Dr. Franklin.